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Updated 3-16-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

A View Of Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!!

Excellent Pewter McClellan Dog Tag Holder!!!!

Beautiful Lead Filled Louisiana Waist Belt Plate!!!!

Non Dug 3 Hook NCO Or Musicians Shoulder Belt Plate!!!!

.36 Cal.  Adams For Tranter Revolver M&M # 518!!!

Beautiful Dug Silver Eagle I Coat Button!!

A Few Relics From The Fredericksburg Show!!!!

Restored CS 68 Confederate Navy Coat Button With Cloth!!!

SU 408 VMI Coat Button With Correct Robinson BM!!!

Beautiful Va 2 Loaded With Silver!!!!

Tough To Find Excavated Silver Massachusettes Coat Button!!!

.40 Cal Confederate Lemat!!!

Beautiful Tx 5 Republic Of Texas Army Coat Button!!!

Gorgeous Emerald Green Mississippi Spur!!!

.61 Cal. Tige RBTRF Vol. 4 Figure 640!!!

Unlisted Military Coat Button!!!

CS 44 Confederate Staff officer's Coat Button!!!