Updated 5-21-19

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

A View Of Fredericksburg, Va. From Chatham Manor!!!

Gorgeous 1851 Excavated Large Cent!!

Excavated New Jersey Cuff Button, Condition Is Better Then It Looks!!!!

Beautiful Dug Va 20 With Extra Quality BM!!!

Unsearched .577 Cal. Enfields With Boxwood Plugs!!!

Beautiful Dug Va 7 With Schuyler H & G N York BM, Flower Buttons Below Dug At The Same Early Confederate Campsite In  King George, Co. Va.!!!

Dug At The Same Site As The Above Va 2 Beautiful 22 MM Flower Buttons Dug A Few Feet Apart!!!

2 Picture Frames Dug In Confederate Camp!!

3 Piece Shaler Bullet All 3 Pieces Dug Together!!!

Excavated Tx 5 Republic Of Texas Army Coat Button!!!

Non Dug Cavalry Carbine Swivel In Excellent Condition!!

Beautiful Emerald Green Brass Heel Plate, Dug At The Same Early Confederate Camp As The Va & Flower Buttons That Are Posted Above!!!

Huge 30 MM Tin Back Flower Button!!!

Albert's SU 378 St. Timothy's Hall Coat Button!!

Excavated Musicians Hat Badge With Attachment Wire!

Victorian Era Camio Dug In An Early Virginia Campsite In King George Co. Va.!!!

Here's A Cool 1862 Stamp That Was Dug On Lafayette Blvd. In The New Clearing , Same Site As The Ga Button!!!

Mo 1 Excavated Missouri Coat Button!!