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I Love You Guy's And Gals!!!So I Quit Smoking 5 Month Ago, PRAISE GOD!!!!! Ya'll Are Truly The BEST!!!!

"Fredericksburg, Va." Stone Warehouse Built In 1813!!

Here Are A Few Relics On Deck

Model 1860 .44 Cal. Colt Army In Excellent Condition!!

No Doubt The Best SNY Waist Belt Plate!!!

Artillery  Vent Pick!!

Beautiful MP5A Mississippi Local Coat Button Dug By Bob Scates!!

Beautiful Overcoat Eagle C Dug By Bob Scates!!

Artillery Vent Pick!!

Gorgeous Overcoat Eagle I Dug By Bob Scates!!

Overcoat Eagle C Dug By Bob Scates!!

Excellent 12lb Confederate Shell!!

Complete .44 Cal. Colt Cartridge!!!

Dug Pa 38 23 Pennsylvania National Guard Coat Button!!

Whittled Civil War Bullet, Nice Chess Piece!!

.44 Cal. Colt Cartridge!!

Here's A Cool Relic, Complete Knapsack Of The 22nd New York State Militia!!!