New Items Will Be Anywhere On The Page

Here's A Non Dug Civil War Period Crucifix In Great Condition.


Silver Cut Piece Of Eight. Recovered From A Colonial House Site In Fredericksburg, Va. You Remember The Saying 1 Bit 2 Bits 3 Bits A Dollar. Well Here You Go, Get Ya a Bit!!


Silver Cut Half 6 Pence Coin, Recovered At The Same House Colonial House Site As The One Above. 


New, Civil War Soldiers Ornate Wedding Band Dug In A Confederate Camp In Chester, Va. This Wedding Band Has A Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina And Is 100% Civil War Period.


New, Civil War Soldiers Wedding Band Dug In The Same Confederate Camp As The One Above In Chester, Va. These Are Cool Inexpensives Relics, Just Think What Cool Stories These Would Tell If Only They Could Talk!!!!


New, Enfield Combination Gun Tool, Cleaned & Coated Ready For Display.


1847 Large Cent, Dug In The Fredericksburg, Va. Area At An Old House Site. Decent Coin.


Excavated Colonial Shoe Buckle Dug Just West Of Fredericksburg, Va. This Shoe Buckle Has Stood Up Rather Well.

$25.00 HOLD!!!!

New, Here's A Cool Relic , Brass Toy Cannon That Is About An Inch & A Half Long That Was Dug In A Yankee Camp In King George, Co. Va. This Toy Cannon Could And Still Today Shoot A .32 Cal. Buck Shot And I Can See A Soldier Driving His Fellow Peers Crazy.


New, 1839 Large Cent Dug In A House Site In King George, Co. Va. Excellent Detail.


New, Here's One Of The Coolest 1820's Large Cent You Have Ever Seen. It Was On It's Way To Being Made Into A Rowel But Work Never Finished, He Had To Ride Off Into The Sunset With A Broken Spur. "Maybe" Detail Is Amazing.


New, Confederate Bayonet Scabbard Tip, She Is In Relic Condition With A Few Bumbs & Bruises But Nice Confederate Relic All Around.


New, Excavated 12 Inch Allegheny Arsenal Saddle Shield, Excellent Condition.


New, .58 Cal. Wilmont Patent Tompion For Springfield Model 1855 & 1861 Rifle Musket, Tompion Is Marked "Pantented Nov. 24 1863. Dug Example, Rubber & Wool Are Long Gone, Tompion Has A Great Emerald Green Patina.


New, Civil War Cavalry Curb Chain For Watering Horses, Excellent Condition, Found Somewhere In A Tn. Cavalry Camp.


New, Confederate Sword Hanger In Excellent Condition, Dug At Moss Neck Manor Where Jackson Had His 2nd Corp Army Of Northern Virginia 1862-1863.


New, 10 Reis 1713 Portuguses Coin Dug In A Civil War Camp In King George, Co. Va. Dug By Kevin Garner.


New, Jewish Masonic Badge Dug In A New York Camp In king George, Va.

The Badge Has The Star Of David Plus The Letter "G" Which You Got It Stands For God , Worn On A Lapel , This Is Civil War Period Or Earlier.