RBTRF Vol. 4  # 187 .54 Cal. Confederate Merrill. Bullets In Good Condition, Dug In Port Hudson, La. 


.58 Cal. No Ring  Gardner  Bullet In Excellent Condition.


.40 Cal. Confederate Lemat Bullet In Excellent Condition Recovered Ameila Co. Va.


  Gettysburg Dropped 2 Ring Gardners $8.00 A Piece Dropped 3 Ringers $2.95 A Piece And Fired  $2.25 A Piece. No Paypal Tab Here, Just Call, Text, Email , Smoke Signals However You Want To Get In Touch And Will Get Your Order Out. Thanks

M&M # 123 .44 Cal Sage Waterproof For Revolver. Bullet Is In excellent Condition. Recovered Stafford, Va. Yankee Camp.


RBTRF Vol. 4  # 187 Page 191.54 Cal. Confederate Merrill Carbine. Excellent Condition.


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Bulk Bullets Are Available As Well

.577 Cal. Confederate Salvaged Lead Bullet In Excellent Condition Round Ball To Rim Fire 4 # 368.


M&M # 622 .54 Cal. Bavarian Sharps In excellent Condition. This Is A Tough One To Get And The Bullet Is In Fantastic Condition.


 .52 Cal. Columbia Arsenal Palmetto Sharps Bullet In Excellent Condition.


New, Confederate .58 Cal. Plug Base  "Fayetteville Arsenal " Bullet.


New,  .577 Cal. Confederate Three Ring Minie, Recovered Just West Of Fredericksburg, Va.


M&M# 200 Rare .58 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal Bullet In Excellent Condition Dug In A North Carolina Camp In Caroline Co. Va. The .58 Is The Rarest Of The Three Sizes.


New, Confederate Bar Shot M&M # 549


Perfect .44 Cal. Colt In Excellent Dropped Condition. M&M #80


 .28 Cal "Root" Revolver Bullet, Actual Example Photographed In Round Ball To Rim Fire Part 3 #805, Ex. Dean Thomas Collection. Bullet Is In Excellent Condition.


New, Perfect .69 Cal. Musketoon Bullet In Excellent Condition. M&M # 292.


 .36 Cal. Starr Pistol Bullet In Excellent Dropped Condition.


.54 Cal. Confederate Sharp Shooters Bullet In Excellent Condition.


.69 Cal. French Triangle Base Minie In Excellent Condition, M&M # 265


Rare .36 Cal.Sharps Pistol Bullet In Excellent Condition, M&M #625.


Pulled .58 Cal. Recut Mold Confederate 6 Ring Bullet In Excellent Condition. M&M # 449


New, Excellent .58 Cal Gardiner Explosive Bullet With Partial Patent On Rim. M&M # 532. This Is An Excellent Bullet. The Entire Patent Reads "S. Gardiner Jr. Shell Patent Secured"


New, Truly One Of The Rarest Of Civil War Bullets Known A 4 Piece Shaler Bullet Dug In Stafford Co. Va. Known As Shaler Field.


New, .52 Cal. "Palmetto" Sharps With A Huge Sprue.


New, .52 Cal "Palmetto" Sharps Bullet.


New, Actual Example Photographed .44 Cal. 4 Ring Tn. Rifle Bullet In Excellent Condition. Bullet Was Found In Fort Donelson, Tn. Ex. Coy Kitchen Collection. And Once Again If Anyone Has A Copy Of Stelma's Bullet Book And Want To Part With It Please keep Me In Mind!!

New, Excellent Dropped .50 Cal. Delvigne Bullet, M&M # 614. You Rarely See These Bullets For Sale.