New, .44 Cal. Colt Cartridge, Linen Has A Small Stain But Fully Intact And Excellent Condition. Was Told These Were Filled With Saw Dust But I Have Another That Was Opened And It Is 100% Correct.


New, .37 Cal Confederate Maynard Bullet In Perfect Condition, M&M # 84. This Is A Beautiful Bullet.


Very Nice  .54 Cal. Confederate Carbine Bullet In Excellent Condition, Bullet Was dug In Spotsylvania Co. Va.


.37 Cal. Maynard Carbine M&M # 87 This Is An Excellent Example.


 New, M&M # 403 Confederate  .577 Cal."fayetteville Arsenal" Plug Base Bullet In Excellent Condition.


 Rare .58 Cal. Carcano Bullet In Excellent Condition. Small Patina Chip At The Top Of The Bullet But Excellent Shape Overall. M&M # 200


RBTRF Vol. 4 Specimen # 187 .54 Cal. Confederate Merrill. Bullets In Good Condition, Dug In Port Hudson, La. 


New, M&M # 189 Confederate Ringtail Sharps Recovered In A Confederate Camp Near Fredericksburg, Va.


New, .58 Cal. US Base Minie, Small Diggers Kiss But Displays Well With The Best Of Them.


 New, Carved Bullet Made Into A Chess Piece, Done By A Bored Soldier In Camp.


M&M # 7 .50 Cal. Cosmopolitan Carbine. Small Ding But Great Bullet. 


New, .69 Cal. Paper Cartridge, Pin Hole Can Be Seen But Other Then That Perfect Bullet.


M&M # 299 .55 Cal. Suhl Carbine In Great Condition. Excellent Bullet To Add To Your Civil War Bullet Collection.


 .54 Cal. Mississippi Rifle Bullet, RBTRF FIG. 268 Vol. 4 There Are A Few Patina Chips On The Rim Of The Bullet But Excellent Condition Overall.


New, .44 Cal. Cartridge, This One Has A Tear At The Base And The Gun Powder Has Been Emptied, Other Then That Linen Is In Excellent Condition And Ready For Display.


 M&M # 199 .69 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal  In excellent Condition. Made At The N.C. Inst. For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind.


RBTRF Vol. 2 Specimen 556 32 Bore .56 Cal. Multi Ring Sharps Gomez & Mills. Bullet Is In Excellent Condition With A Grey Patina. 

$125.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 M&M # 453 .54 Cal. Confederate Sharp Shooters Bullet. This Is An excellent Example.

$60.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

.61 Cal. Hanovarian/Saxon For Tige Rifle. Fig. 640 RBTRF. Bullet Is In Excellent Condition.


 .69 Cal. Confederate Gardner Bullet In Excellent Condition, A Few Black Powder Marks On The Bullet But Still A Great Example.


 New, #2 US Base Minie Recovered Culpepper, Va Excellent Condition.

$55.00 HOLD!!!!!

M&M # 47 .36 Cal. Post War Maynard  Bullet In Excellent Condition. How Post War IDK But I Believe Not Much Later Than The War. Son If You Need This One To Comoplete Your M&M bullet Collection Here It Is.

$12.95 HOLD!!!!D.D

  Gettysburg Dropped 2 Ring Gardners $8.00 A Piece Dropped 3 Ringers $2.95 A Piece And Fired  $2.25 A Piece. No Paypal Tab Here, Just Call, Text, Email , Smoke Signals However You Want To Get In Touch And Will Get Your Order Out. Thanks

 New, M&M # 189 .56 Cal. Confederate Ringtail Sharps In Excellent Condition, Dug In A Confederate Camp Near 

Fredericksburg, Va.


.54 Cal. Ga. Teat Base Bullet In Fantastic Condition. Nice Mold Seem Can Be seen On Both sides Of The Bullet. Recovered From Fredericksburg, Va.



  New, .56 Cal. Colt Revolving Rifle Bullet In Excellent Condition.


New, .58 Cal Confederate 6 Ring Bullet, Good Condition. M&M # 449.

$45.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 True Dug Together Not Put Together Fused .69 Cal. Buck N Ball, Recovered Falmouth, Va.

$20.00 HOLD!!!M.F.

 Rare .58 Cal. Teat Base Sharps. Nice Example.

 $25.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

.58 Cal. 1 Ring Gardner Dug In Fredericksburg, Va. 


.36 Cal. Starr Pistol Bullet. This Is One Of The Nicer Ones I Have To Offer. Not sure Were It Was Recovered

$19.95 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 M&M # 453 .54 Cal. Confedeerate Sharpshooters Bullet In Excellent Condition. Dug Chancellorsville.Bulolet Has A Couple Patina Chips.

 $65.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 3 .69 Cal. Minies, All Dug In A Confederate Camp Site In Caroline Co. Va.

 $15.00 For All 3 

M&M # 123 .44 Cal Sage Waterproof For Revolver. Bullet Is In excellent Condition. Recovered Stafford, Va. Yankee Camp.

$12.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 M&M # 391 .577 Cal. Georgia Teat Base Bullet In Great Shape. Have Many More In Stock.


 Rare Unknown, Unlisted .69 Cal. Solid Base Minie In Excellent Codition.

$40.00  HOLD!!!!!D.D.

Perfect .50 Cal. Smith Carbine Bullets.  Beautiful  Brown Patina, Dug In A Cavalry Camp In Stafford, Va. 2 Excellent Example's.


 .577 Confederate Ga. Teat Base Bullet, M&M # 391 Essentric Rim, Bullet Is In Excellent Dug Condition.


 .577 Cal. Swage Base Bullet In Great Shape, Bullet Has A Beautiful White Patina. Excellent Example.


44 Cal. Colt Pistol Bullet In Great Shape, Bullet Has A Small Nick As Can Be Seen In Pic.


New, .577 Selma Arsenal RBTRF Vol $ # 337 Excellent Example, Recovered From A Confederate Camp In Fredericksburg, Va.


RBTRF Vol. 4 Specimen # 187 Page 191.54 Cal. Confederate Merrill Carbine. Excellent Condition.


577 Cal. cpnfedertae 1 Ring Gardner Bullet Dug In Fredericksburg, Va.

$15.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 Either 2 Different Soldiers Carved The Exact Same Length Or They Are Some Type Of Experimental Bullet, Dug In 2 Seperate Camps Near Fredericksburg, Va. Bullets Measure 8.22" X 5.74"

$25.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

 Here's Another Cool Relic, Heat Of Battle Soldier Didn't Remove His Tompion And Here Are The Results. Excellent Display.


  .58 Cal. US Base Minie In Perfect Condition.


 .50 Cal. Maynard Carbine. M&M # 75, Nice Diggers Kiss On One Side, Dispalys Well

$10.00 HOLD!!!!D.D

"Wishing Well" RBTRF # 582  Confederate .72 Cal. Rifled Musket Bullet In Perfect Condition.

$35.00 SOLD!!!!!H.H.

New Item's Will Appear Anywhere On The Page

Bulk Bullets Are Available As Well

 .58 Cal. US Base Bullet In Good Condition. Beautiful Bullet. Dug By Roger Morgan.


Nipple Protector That Was dug In Fredericksburg, Va.


 4 Botton pieces To Shaler Bullets, All dug, I Have 3 Left $15.00 A Piece.

 Confederate .69 Cal. British Sea  Service RBTRF Reference 567 Recoverd In Waynesboro , Va At Hangers Pond. Excellent Example And Will Be A Great Addition To Any Civil War Bullet Collection.


New, .50 Cal. Maynard M&M # 75, Bullet Is In Perfect Condition.


.38 Cal. Sharps Multi Groove Bullet In Excellent Condition. Specimen 550 RBTRF Vol. 2 

$65.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

New,  M&M #403 Perfect Confederate .577 Cal. "Fayetteville Arsenal" Plug Base Bullet.


New, M&M # 349 .59 Cal. French Minie Dug Hilton Head South Carolina.


New, Two Carved Bullets Dug In The Same Hole, These Are Very Nicely Done And Most Likely Used As Chess Pieces.

$40.00 HOLD!!!!!D.D.

New, .54 Cal. Confederate Sharpshooters Bullet In Excellent Condition, Dennis Cox Dug This Beauty In A Virginia Camp In Guinea Station. Excellent Example.


 New, .58 Cal. US Base Minie In Excellent Condition.


New, M&M # 189 Confederate Ringtail Sharps Dug In A Confederate Camp Near Fredericksburg, Va.