Here's One You Don't See With Inspectors Mark C E W, Charles E Wilson Marked Box Plate, Full lead, Booth Loops, Face Has Been Cleaned But You Never See His Mark On Plates Like This, You Do See Them On Cavalry Sabers. Charles E Wilson Was A Federal Inspector In 1862.


US Buckle Maker Marked E Gaylord. This Buckle Was Found In An attic Of A Circa 1830's-1840's Home On 410 N. Loudon St. Winchester, Va. The House Was Occupied By The Williams Family For Generations. The House Next Door Was Known As fort Loudon Built Under The Supervision of George Washington. Left Handed Buckle As The Studs Are Under The S.


Rare Medium Size US Buckle,  One Edge Has Been Folded But It's All There Minus A Small Amount Of Chipping Around The Edge.


 New, Non Dug Regulation 1839 "Baby" US Buckle In Excellent Condition. This Baby US Buckle Will Make A Great Addition To Any Civil War Buckle Collection.


Here We Have A Killer CSA Rectangle Belt Plate With A Beautiful Emerald Green Patina. The Air Vent Blew Through Creating The Casting Flaw Under The S. The Border Is Indented For The Period By The A. This  Excellent "Atlanta Arsenal" Style CSA Rectangle Belt Plate Will No Doubt Be The Center Piece To Any Civil War Buckle Collection. All Three Hooks Are Present, No Repairs What So Ever. Same Example Can Be Seen In Steve Mullinax's Confederate Buckle Book On Page 57 Plate 093. Lay This One Away!!!!  This Is S Steal!!!!

 SALE!!!!! $2495.00

Regulation 1839 Pattern Cartridge Box Plate With The Rare Makers Mark Of HUNTER. No Doubt The Holy Grail Of Maker Masrked Plate. Purchasing Another At The NVRHA Show Next Month In April.


New, Triple Marked Federal Breast Plate In Excellent Condition, Beautiful Face, Both Iron Loops Are Present On The Back With A Little Bit Of Lead Missing Mostly Around The Rim. Plate Is Marked WH Wilkinson, US, & The Inspector's Name Of  TJ Shepard. You Don't See These Come Up For Sale Every Day And This One Is An Exceptional Example.


New,Regulation 1839 Pattern, Lead Filled US Buckle With Arrow Hooks, Plate Has A Beautiful Brown Patina A Small Amount Of lead Missing From The Back. Affordable & Very Nice Original US Buckle In Excellent Condition. Arrow Hooks Under The S To Make It A Left Handed Buckle.


New, Non Dug NCO Shoulder Belt Plate Regulation 1826 Pattern. Full Lead But The The Hooks Were Cut Off. Still A Great Displaying Plate.


New, Non Dug Shoulder Belt Plate , Full Lead One Hook In Tact. Product Of Boyd & Sons. An Example Can Be Seen On Page 287 Plate 456 In American Military Belt Plates By Mike O'Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell.


New, VMM Box Plate With Full Lead And Both Loops . Plate Has Been Cleaned But Honestly I Think It Looks Great. You Could Bury It For A Couple Months And Put The Natural Patina Back On The Plate Or Display As Is. Excellent Example.


New, Ca 1840 Silver Plated Officer's Buckle With "Hooked Beak Eagle Leaning Left And Gazing Right" Applied Tongue & Belt Loop Bar. Iron Keepers Are MIA. Plate Measures 58MM X 70MM. This Is An Amazing Example, Dug In Charleston, SC. Well Made Plate That Will  No Doubt Compliment Any Dug Or Non Dug Civil War Relic Collection.


New, 2 Piece Louisiana Belt Buckle, Obviously A Marriage But Correct Tongue & Wreath. The Tongue Has A Little Ground Action ButStill Displays Wonderfully. Oak Leaf Pattern Wreath Was Dug Near Richmond, Va. Not Sure Where The Tongue Was Recovered.


New, Regulation 1841 pattern Carbine Sling Buckle In Fantstic Condition, Recovered From A Camp Site In Winchester, Va. Beautiful Green Patina, Tangs Move Freely. Looks Like I Need To Invest In A Better Camera. Phone Camera Works Better Then The Piece Of Junk I'm Using LOL!!!!


New, Beautiful Non Dug Double Marked US Belt Buckle In Excellent Condition, W H WILKINSON & T J SHEPARD. Tough Buckle To Come By And Will Make An Excellent Addition To Any Civil War Buckle Collection.


New, CS Conversion Baby Box Plate, Full Lead, Both Loops. The Soldier Did One Hell Of A Nice Job On This CS Conversion Buckle, Excellent Example.


New, HUNTER Marked US Box Plate In Excellent Condition. 


New, Very Rare BATTY Marked US Buckle.


New, US To CS Conversion Buckle, Plate Is In Excellent Condition, Full Lead, Puppy Paw Hooks. This Plate Was Found By Leonard Eliff In 1976 Or 1978 During Construction Of The Carl Perkins Civic Center In Jackson, Tn.